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10am - 1pm at Martial Arts Incorporated Dublin 7


Self Defense Courses for Men and Women

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How much is your life worth? This is the most specialised combat course in the country with the most qualified instructors in the country. The training including the Redman training has normally only been witnessed by top military organisations. The cost of this course is a small price to pay for a devastating increase in mental and physical combat skills especially if you should ever have to use them.
We believe that this is the best course of its type in the country and we are so confident that we can make a lasting difference for you that we offer an unconditional:

Money Back Gaurantee!

If after attending our course you don't feel you can walk out the door of our training facility and protect yourself or a loved one against a violent threat, then we will refund your entire fee on the spot!

No questions asked!
self defense instructor inside the red man
This course requires no previous experience and delivers a comprehensive personal protection system where you will:

  • Develop confidence and know how to protect yourself.
  • Learn devastating, simple moves which will stop any Attacker in their tracks - moves that will stay with you without further training.
  • Be able to escape from and deal with the 20 types of attacks you could experience.
  • Learns simple but very effective knife defences now used by police forces and Special Forces world wide.
  • Understand the Psychology of aggression and how to diffuse it and use it!
  • Know when and how to strike first.
  • Have learned how to fight from /on the ground.
  • Understand how to turn fear into a positive defence response.
  • Know Tactics that will stop anybody regardless of size.
  • Understand strategies for fighting multiple assailants.
  • Have a self defence mindset that will be there for you if you ever need it.
  • Your training will include one to one demonstration and practice, pad work, intense technique drills, aggression training and fighting the Red Man, the closest you can get to fighting for real without getting hurt.

There is no other Martial Art in the world more street and battle-tested than CQC. CQC is what many international security agencies including the FBI, DEA, Navy Seals, Commandos, SAS and local law enforcement agencies teach. Close Quarter Combat has a long and credible history and is regarded by many to be the best self-defense system around. We know CQC works and it works under stress. All CQC techniques are tried and tested in real-life situations.
When you learn CQC you can rest assured you are learning techniques that are proven to work. CQC is quick to learn and easy to retain. CQC has no sporting applications.
It's high energy, easy to learn and students adapt quickly to CQC, which teaches fast, instinctive, and natural responses to the threats they are likely to face from an attacker. This is not a martial art, but an easy to learn, structured self defense system originally developed in the 1920's as a Police system for dealing with some of the world's worst criminals.
Elements of stress and fear are introduced into the class so that students will learn to deal with the anxiety they might experience in a street altercation. Taught at an exhilarating pace, CQC students are encouraged to keep going when they are tired, which adds to both the fitness and realistic aspects of this civilian combat system.
It is our belief that everybody, no matter what age, weight, gender or body type, has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones. The practical nature for the techniques makes CQC easy to learn and easy to remember! The physical techniques and philosophy behind the program are based on the belief that students already possess the ability to defend themselves. The appeal of CQC is the lack of rituals, such as bowing or other types of formality. We deal with reality. It's not based on any 5,000-year old system. It's based on what happens to people today on the streets when they're attacked. CQC has attracted students ranging from housewives to police officers to others looking to expand their martial arts expertise.
Our Course is designed to very quickly teach normal people how to protect themselves.

You already have what it takes to successfully defend yourself -
Let us show you how!

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Next course takes place on Sunday September 22nd 2019 from 10am till 1pm.

The CQC A.R.M.E.D. course is only 35 euro (only 30 euro if two people sign up) - A small price to pay for the peace of mind & confidence of being able to defend yourself and a loved one. Places are limited to only 20 people so as to ensure personal attention to all participants.

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We also provide custom courses for Companies, Schools and Associations. We also offer private tuition.

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