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10am - 1pm at Martial Arts Incorporated Dublin 7

Welcome To CQC Ireland

CQC is a modern, realistic self defence system for men and women, originally developed as a police system and now used by many international organisations. Close Quarter Combat is not a Martial Arts or Fitness system. Instead, CQC teaches you how to use the skills and physical abilities that you already have to successfully defend yourself. We teach basic, highly effective and Instinctive Body Reactions so you will remember them during confrontation! If you are mainly interested in self-defence, there is no need to learn hundreds of different techniques. Each CQC course teaches only the essentials and our system has been streamlined so that you will very quickly learn and retain the self defense techniques which have been proven over and over!
self defense instructor demonstrating hold
This is a no-nonsense, high intensity course, covering everything that you should and need to know to successfully defend you and your loved ones. This is a course that teaches you the mental & physical strategies and techniques that work even if you never train again. It doesn't matter how big or small you are or what age you are, Close Quarter Combat self defense will work for you.
When you complete the CQC Ireland Course you will know:

  • How to verbally handle an aggressor
  • How to handle fear, nerves & adrenalin
  • The most effective targets
  • The best and most devastating strikes
  • Defences against grabs, hold & chokes
  • Defences against all strikes
  • Defences against weapons (blunt & sharp)
  • Multiple attack defences
  • Fighting from the ground
  • How to use everyday objects as weapons
  • The best combinations & techniques to use
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Next Course

Next course takes place on Sunday September 22nd 2019 from 10am till 1pm.

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What people are saying about our courses

  • "I have done Martial Arts for many years and still I was extremely impressed by this course. The techniques and strategies are great. Now let them show you too."
    Declan Brownne

  • "The techniques and training were so well taught, that I really believe I could rely on them, should I ever need to."
    Graham Coleman

  • "I can't believe I hesitated in doing this course. Very valuable training and I feel so much better as a result of it."
    Rebecca Cuninngham