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10am - 1pm at Martial Arts Incorporated Dublin 7


What people are saying about our courses

The following are just a few testimonials from people who have attended our course. These are real people and real testimonials.

"Excellent course and very professional!."
Phil O'Malley - Gardener

"I feel a hell of a lot more confident after attending this course."
Tommy Malone - Freelance Journalist

"Great course, great peace of mind. Everybody should do it. Thanks a lot."
Alfredo Lingi - Heavy Plant Operator

"I have done Martial Arts for many years and still I was extremely impressed by this course. The techniques and strategies are great. Now let them show you too."
Declan Browne - Accountant

"I have never done any training like this before and couldn't believe how easy and fun you made it."
Jennifer Daly - Secretary

"Simple, easy to remember and highly effective. Close quarter combat does exactly what it says on the tin!"
Rory Lynch - Pilot

"Empower yourself - I did by attending the CQC course!"
John Casey - IT Technician

"The techniques and training were so well taught, that I really believe I could rely on them, should I ever need to."
Graham Coleman - IT Manager

"I can't believe I hesitated in doing this course. Very valuable training and I feel so much better as a result of it."
Rebecca Cuninngham - Sales & Marketing

"I had never gone to any training like this before and found this course very informative. A very good overview of the key moves in Self-Defence.
Tish Loughrey – IT Specialist

"Excellent, really interesting & worthwhile. Thanks!
Claire Kehoe – Marketing Manager

"Very good. Informative. Good fun"
Joann Murray - Student

"Very good – Nice mix of explanation + practice. A lot of fun, but I felt I learned a lot too – Also, it was obvious that the instructors were very enthusiastic and truly cared about preparing the students for real life situations.
Laura Gleeson – student

"Really good course, very practical advise. Really enjoyed the course, Instructors did a great job. Thanks"
Sharyn Rowat - Insurance

"Friendly approach, useful information. Glad I did it."
Marianna Konok – Accountant

"Excellent. I was very impressed with the content in the course."
Karl Graham – Manager

"Very good, very professional.
Andy Stillwell – Doorman

"This course was great at teaching simple techniques that worked. The learning environment was helpful and encouraged students to participate fully – the ‘Redman’ allowed you to overcome fear of attack."
Ron Charles – Doctor

"I really loved the facilities, coaching & lessons and I’m glad I cam along. 5 stars."
Andy Smith – Construction Labourer

"Great!!! Fun & efficient. I will recommend this course."
Yann Laprade – Computer Security Analyst

"Excellent, great instructors, good facilities."
Simon Watts – Accountant

"Excellent. Very informative. Great fun."
Ciaran Mc Carthy - Barrister

"Thank you very much for coming to our company and teaching your course to our staff. Even though the subject of self-defence can be a serious one, everybody really enjoyed themselves. More importantly, everybody left with an added confidence in being able to control their own personal safety. We will definitely be booking another course with you."
Stuart Burke CEO, Hy-Tech Logistics.

"Great course. Very useful information and techniques. I have to say I was very surprised at how fast everybody picked it up. Even our most 'timid' staff members turned into tigers very quickly. Best bit of all, we can write off the course against our tax bill so it cost us nothing!"
Michael Rochford MD, Rochford Tiles & Rochford Construction.

Next Course

Next course takes place on Sunday September 22nd 2019 from 10am till 1pm.

The CQC A.R.M.E.D. course is only 35 euro (only 30 euro if two people sign up) - A very small price to pay for the peace of mind & confidence of being able to defend yourself and a loved one. Places are limited to only 20 people so as to ensure personal attention to all participants.

ENROL TODAY. - Simply Click here to pay safely and securely online and to book your place:

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We also provide custom courses for Companies, Schools and Associations and Private Tuition.
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